PI_IS project aims at promoting, through innovative teaching methods, the acquaintance of European Regulations in Family and Succession Law matters, foresting the dialogue between the academic world and the labor market. The object of the PI_IS’s teaching modules will be cases involving the application of the Regulations n. 650/2012, 1103/2016 and 1104/2016 having a particular regard to emerging patrimonial issues and new form of digital wealth. PI_IS is therefore aimed at raising awareness on Eu Regulations Amon law students attending the last years of the degree program, who will be future legal professionals, PHD candidates and professionals who can participate to seminars dedicated to them. The project will collect problems of professionals, emerging during the seminars, in the application of the EU Regulation. The module will be included in the family and succession course held by Professor Sara Landini, with already includes an English-language part of lessons and dedicated platform in English for Erasmus students focused on the problems of international family and succession law. The project will promote innovation in teaching and research with the goals of ion encouraging cross-sectoral and/or multi-disciplinary studies, open education, networking with other institutions. In particular, PI_IS will improve innovative teaching tools such as flipped teaching tools using the e-learning platform Moodle and legal clinic on meditation in international succession and family law matters. The teaching offer of the University of Florence has been considered in order to avoid overlaps. professors of Unifi, who teach European Processual law, Family law, Private Law, but also high level Professors, coming fro different Eu Countries, will be involved in the classes and in the seminars. The resulta will be communicated to the Jean Monnet Center of Excellence of the University of Florence coordinated by Profesor Laura Leonardi.

PI_IS is Cofunded under the Jean Monnet Activities within the ERASMUS+ Programme

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