Coimbra 16 May 2019

The present report it is a summary of the congress held in Coimbra on 16 May 2019, in which 7 experts shared their studies and professional experience on the subject of #Integration#Migration, Transnational Relationships and the dialogue between EU Successions Regulation and Family Regulations.

Here are the details of the Conference TALKS:
1️⃣ “European Certificate of Succession – Application in Portugal” Beatriz Fernandes
2️⃣ “The Portuguese response to foreign succession rights” Carla Câmara, Lisbon Court of Appeal
3️⃣ “Polygamous family relations and public order” Giovanni Perlingieri, Università della Campania L. Vanvitelli, Napoli
4️⃣ “Legitimization of the succession” Javier Barceló Doménech, Universidade de Alicante
5️⃣ “The filiation derived from assisted reproduction” Pedro Chaparro Matamoros, Universidade de Valência
6️⃣ “Successful harmonization of the prohibition of succession agreements in Europe” Salvatore Aceto di Capriglia, Università degli Studi di Napoli Parthenope
7️⃣ “The decision Molla Sali vs. Greece” Marco Rizzuti, University of Florence

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